I have run out of space in Exchange for rules. One of the pieces of advice given in this case by Microsodt is to create a distribution list for all the people I get mail from which I want to end up in the same folder. This is my case.

Well, I made the distribution list. I then tried to add such a rule by using the rules builder. The first time I did so, my distribution list did not appear. It seems it was in my Contacts folder, and therefore did not turn up in the Address Book. So, I made a new Contacts folder in the Public Folders, moved ny distribution list into it (as a list). I then told Exchange that the new folder was an email folder. Now it turn up in the Address Book. So, I tried the Rules Wizard to create my new rule. Now it tells me it can't make the rule, because my list is a "Personal Distribution List.". I've never heard of this phrase before, and the MS Knowledge Base is no help.

Does anybody know how I can make my list valid for inclusion in a rule? Thanks,