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    type mismatch in expression ('03 SP2)

    New to access, so forgive me.
    I am trying to set up a basic data entry form for a clinical study <img src=/S/doctor.gif border=0 alt=doctor width=25 height=33> using Access.
    My database consists of a table of demographic info, with links to 8 other tables (I split them up because together they exceeded the 256 field limit of a single table) two of which have small subordinate tables.
    My data entry form will use subforms (on separate tabs) to access fields located in all 9 tables, so I though I would create a query that included all the necessary fields (about 250 total). If I don't use a query, I found I am only able to access the fields from the main demographic table when building the form.
    ANYWAY, the problem is that when I now try to access the query or the form I get a "Type mismatch in expression" error. I cannot locate the mismatch!!!! I have even tried deleting relationships one-by-one and I still get the message (perhaps there is more than one mismatch??!?!) Help.
    I'd like to know how you troubleshoot these kinds of probs...
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: type mismatch in expression ('03 SP2)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Start by making a copy of the database, so that you can experiment freely.
    You can take two approaches:

    - Open the query in design view, and remove elements one by one, testing each time whether the error has disappeared. For example, you could delete a table from the query (this will automatically remove all its fields from the query grid), then another table etc.


    - Start creating the query anew, and test whether it works after each addition.

    Good luck!

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