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    Access Packaging Wizard (Access Developer Extensions 2003)

    I'm trying to set up my first package with the Access 2003 packaging wizard. It's not working and now I'm getting an error saying the Visual Basic Object is not registered every time I start the packaging wizard.
    Any suggestions...

    Other questions.
    Has anyone had any luck with the 2003 packaging wizard (2002 was working ok - not stellar but functional). 2003 seems a step backwards from what I could do in 2003.
    Is it required to convert the db to an MDE to use 2003?
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    Re: Access Packaging Wizard (Access Developer Extensions 2003)

    Have you made any progress with this? I've not used the packaging wizard in the last decade or so - we sort of insist users have Access installed. But that doesn't help you much! And I don't believe you need to create an MDE to use the packaging wizard - hopefully someone else has been through this.

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