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    Specifying the Reply to Address in email (Access 2003)

    I am building an application for a group of people that will involve quite a bit of emailing of invitations to attend functions.

    They would like to option of being able to specify a "reply to" address so that for some events acceptance can be directed to someone other than the person who sent out the invitation.

    DoCmdSendObject does not seems to support this. I think I have to use Outlook automation anyway (as they want to be able to send attachments).

    Is there any way of specifying a reply to addres with Outlook automation? If not is there any other way?

    I have just been reading about Total Access Emailer from FMS. This seems to do it, but it is not cheap.

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    Re: Specifying the Reply to Address in email (Access 2003)

    Yes, you can specify one or more "reply to" addresses using Automation. The MailItem object has a property ReplyRecipients; you can use code like this:

    Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem
    ' Code to create mail item
    ' Set two "reply to" addresses
    With objMail.ReplyRecipients
    .Add ""
    .Add ""
    End With

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