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    Report Looking at Null Value (2000)

    Looking for some help on creating the code / approach for the following:

    I have a table called 'tblBoardOrders' with the following fields in

    OrderID, NewStatus, TagNotes, OrderedDate, etc

    What I want it to do is to open the report bassed on the fact that the OrderedDate is null and includes all the records with a null value in the report. Once the report has run it enters the date (which would be today) in all the records that had a null value in the ordereddate field.

    A little snag to start is that it would look at the winlogo to compare that to a record in the tblSalesman table to see which office that person worked at, this would then determine which report would be used.
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    Re: Report Looking at Null Value (2000)

    The query for the report would be:
    SELECT * FROM tblBoardOrders WHERE OrderedDate Is Null

    After running the report from VBA code you would put the following:
    CurrentDB.Execute "UPDATE tblBoardOrders SET OrderedDate = Date() WHERE OrderedDate is Null"

    What is a Winlogo? And what do you compare it to?

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