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    Best way to approach? (2000)

    I have a table called tblAdvertising that is linked to tblProperty by the primary key field in tblproperty.

    I want to be able to display the contents of tbl property in a continuous form with a date in the header and a command button. By the side of all of the properties listed I want to have a field linked to tblAdvertType which is a single field drop down. I would then select the type of advert for that property.

    Not all the properties would have an advert type, as some will not be advertised that week. The date in the header would be used as the 'advertdate' in the 'tblAdvertising' table and the command button would create a record in the tblAdvertising for the AdvertDate, PropertyID, AdvertType. I can do this on a line by line basis, but don't know how to do it collectively?
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    Re: Best way to approach? (2000)


    Without seeing what you have already, I reckon there should be a many to many relationship between your tblAdvertising and tblProperty. I don't how your company does it your end but from experience I sometimes get a newspaper that has a page full of properties in one advert. So one advert can have many properties and a property can be in many adverts. The date of the advert could be selected from a calendar control set in the main form.

    If I deal with multi criteria I sometimes go down the road of seperating out the questions to have, say in your example, a form that has the property as the master form with a subform that stipulates the dates and types of advert that it is in for that period which in turn has a field connected to a lok up table that you can select the advert type. Instead of all the data being shown on a form, have control buttons that open specific queries or reports for that property. It keeps the screen uncluttered.

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