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    Sending plain text email

    I'm using Access 97 VB to create an email that is sent to a machine running Outlook 97.
    I need some formatting in the email - even just getting it into a fixed-pitch font (eg Courier) would help. But Outlook uses Arial as its default font. So I can't even use extra spaces to make columns to line up. And Outlook 97 doesn't support HTML formatted emails, so I can't use that.
    Simplest case: How do I force an Outlook message into fixed pitch font? Or any other ideas?

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    Re: Sending plain text email

    Formatting in plain text emails is problematic anyhow, especially since lines wrap unexpectedly depending on the size of the window the message is opened in. When I had to do something like this, I resorted to courier for the same reason.

    It's going back a ways, but I seem to remember that Outlook 97 supported RTF, so that might be your best bet. I can't remember if you could set the font using OLE Automation or not, but maybe someone here still has Outlook 97 and can tell you that.

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