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    compare reports (2003)

    I have a report that I run on a weekly basis. I take the current weeks report and the previous weeks report and import into Access. I use the find unmatched query to compare the current week to the previous week. I compare a field called "Client Number" comparing it twice to see what dropped since last report and what is new since last report. I do the same thing for a field called "Group Number". A client can have many Groups but a Group can have only one Client. These two fields are easy to track. Now I have been requested to compare every field of the current weeks report to every field of the previous weeks report. This would entail at least 25 additional fields. They want to see if there was a change in any part of the record from one week to the next. I think this is beyond the realm of the "Find unmatched query". Any suggestion or help you can provide would be appreciated.

    I think first I would have to match Group Number of Current Report to Group number of previous report and compare those records that match and then compare the other fields to see if there was a change but I don't know how to do this. I am in the process of sending a list of fields to the requester to see which fields he wants to see if there was a change. After I do this, I will have a better idea of what to compare.

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    Re: compare reports (2003)

    I don't think your "Unmatched Query Wizard" will help you here, as you postulated. It works well at finding records that are new, or have been removed, but doesn't do much in the way of comparing the contents of fields in records. For that you probably want to join records on a unique identifier, and then have a series of queries (probably 25) that check to see if the field in question equals last weeks field, and exclude all the records where that is true. Hope that makes some sense.

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