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    Open Other User's Folder (2000 - no SR, version

    A colleague has Outlook 2000 running on Windows 2000. He uses Open Other User's Folder a lot to look at our Calendars. Recently, support moved his mailbox from one server to another to balance loadings. When he now uses Open Other User's Folder,
    1. <LI>The names in the Most Recently Used list no longer correspond to the calendar which is opened i.e. name says John Doe, calendar opened belongs to Fred Bloggs
      <LI>Opening new calendars by reselecting names from the Global Address Book (instead of trying to use the recently used list) gradually refreshes the list but obviously this has to be done for all 10 entries until the list is reconstructed.

    Can loungers help by disclosing a) where this Most Recently Used list is held,and [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] how it can be cleared.
    (I tried a technique I learned on the Word forum, which was to press Alt+Ctrl+- which can be used to modify menu contents in Word, but it doesn't work in Outlook)
    Thanks for any inputs.

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    Re: Open Other User's Folder (2000 - no SR, version

    Thought I would reopen this thread since I have the same question.
    Any help out there??

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