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    V-Tools Freeware Utility (2.0 - 2003)

    In researching an unconnected project, I stumbled across this - fairly extensive - freeware utility. Some of this looks fairly useful - such as giving a user-friendly interface for editing text import filters, a user-friendly text editor for SQL statements, and, conceivably (AKA "untested by me"), <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> a global search/replace facility for names of forms/controls etc.

    It comes, in versions for every flavour of Access since 95, as a database library (available under Tools|Add-Ins) - rather than as an MDA Add-In. (Anyone care to comment about whether - in current versions - it might be better suited to be an Add-In?) For 2003 (at least), the default download is an MDE. The "Source Code" page gives you the same thing in MDB format. (The "Options" form that can act as a Switchboard closes after a selection is made!). <img src=/S/bouncenburn.gif border=0 alt=bouncenburn width=31 height=31> (Time for a customised toolbar!)

    Given that this resource seems to have been around for a very long time - and is not in the Lounge (post-12/2000) DB, is the fact that it's never been mentioned before something to do with the site's being mostly written in French? (The linked page is in English.)

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    Re: V-Tools Freeware Utility (2.0 - 2003)

    I had never seen this utility.

    Some of the components are quite nice, for example the Import/Export Specification editor. But as you noted, the interface is rather clunky, and the English version bears obvious traces of its French origin.

    The Total Deep Search utility (global search/replace) is extremely slow, and far less sophisticated than (for example) Rick Fisher's Find and Replace. But that is a commercial product, and V-Tools is free, so who am I to complain...

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