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    Freeze (Office 2000/XP)

    Having problems downloading, cutting and pasting and shutting down . . . the machine is sluggish and often freezes.

    Any suggestions? Norton is current, AdaAware and Spybot have been used.

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    Re: Freeze (Office 2000/XP)

    Wow, this is loaded. First of all, you put Office 2000 in your subject, but from what you wrote, I don't think it sounds like Office has anything to do with this. Am I right? Assuming so, you need to tell us more about the "machine." What is the processor, size of hard drive, have you run a CHKDSK lately or defragged the hard drive? From what you wrote, it looks like we MIGHT be able to rule out a "nasty" but there's so much else to consider, such as what is running in the background, i.e. startup stuff. Slowing down (sluggishness) over time is a problem that most of us have had to face and sometimes it takes a wipeout (format of the drive) and clean install of XP to "freshen things up." But I'd be averse to suggesting that with no more than we know about your situation.

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