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    subreport - invalid data on new page (2003)

    I remember this being a problem years ago, but can't find any postings. I have a report with multiple subreports. If the page breaks on the first line of a subreport, the data is invalid. For example the one today, the first line should show a count of 5 (which it does when the subreport is run separately) but when run as part of the bigger report the count shows 6. If I adjust the subreport objects to take out space, the subreport displays 3 or 4 lines before the page break and the data is now valid.

    Is there a resolution to this? There is no telling which subreport in the future will page break at that point, so the user is constantly having to verify the data.

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: subreport - invalid data on new page (2003)

    Would it be acceptable to specify that the subreport should be kept together on one page? If so, see ACC2002: Keeping Subreport or Text Box Data Together on a Page (works for Access 2003 too).
    Otherwise, could you provide more info about the subreport - how is the count calculated? Perhaps you could post a stripped down copy of your database. See <post#=401925>post 401925</post#> for instructions.

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