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    How to Play Music CDs

    I know this is a old-hat subject but it giving me a problem. I don't listen to music so I don't have any experience in this area. I recently installed a nice new Dell PC for my wife to use. Today, I've finally installed the speakers that came with it and I tried to play one of her music CDs. A Yahoo music thing of some sort popped up and wanted me to register it. It turned out to be interested in finding music on the web and never did play the CD. I tried a couple of other tactics and everything I tried wanted to find music on the web. How do we simply play the music CDs that we already have? Is there something specific that I need to look for on the PC or download and install that will simply play CDs with they are inserted in the CD Drive?


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    Re: How to Play Music CDs

    Which version of Windows does this PC have? Windows XP, I presume? If so:
    - Start Windows Explorer.
    - Right-click the CD drive.
    - Select Properties from the popup menu.
    - Activate the AutoPlay tab.
    - Select Music CD from the dropdown list.
    - Select "Play audio CD with Media Player" in the list of available actions.
    - Click OK.

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