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Thread: ADODB recordset

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    ADODB recordset

    Hi there,
    I am using ADO within an xml/asp based web application to grab values out of an Excel workbook. The connection string is fine, but I am having problems with the data types:
    If my query range includes date/time fields on the spreadsheet, it will display all the text fields as null, but the date/times fields will display fine.
    If I exlcude the date/time fields from my query range, the text fields display properly.

    Has anyone heard of this happending before? It's as if the ADODB recordset can only handle EITHER numeric values or textvalues, but not both...
    Any help or references would be appreciated,

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    Re: ADODB recordset

    Does it help to do something like this?

    SELECT Text1, Text2, FormatDate(Date1) as TextOfDate1, Text3

    (I haven't reminded myself of the parameters for FormatDate, but you can look them up on Microsoft's site.)

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