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    Cell contents not updating (2000)

    Once in a while, when using DIM or TODAY or some other macro, the cell doesn't update. For example, the macro =MID(Entry_Sheet!C15,1,50) works, but when I'm in the cell and want to change the length to say 55, after making the change, the cell shows the formula, not the results. After a little bit of fooling around, I eventually get the cell to display the correct data. This doesn't happen all of the time to the same cell: the ENTRY_SHEET has up to 20 of these and some work, some are inconsistant.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Re: Cell contents not updating (2000)

    This can occur if the cells are formatted as text. Try the following:
    - Select the cell or cells.
    - Select Format | Cells...
    - If necessary, activate the Number tab.
    - Select General (or, if you have date formulas, Date).
    - Click OK.

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