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    Read Only issue (Word '03)

    Every week I compose meeting minutes for an IT team and distribute them to about 14 individuals as an email attachment.
    They are distributed twice--first time for vetting, second time for final retention.
    I am using Outlook '03 with SP2.
    Boss has informed me her minutes were READ ONLY. I did not designate this (in any intention/conscious way) to be the case...
    When I go back to the original email and click on the minutes attachment and go to File/Properties/General at the bottom of the General Tab is a check boxes for Read Only. Not only is it not checked, BUT, it is greyed out for me...
    Boss tells me today (for the first time) that there have been other times when she's received my attached minutes as a READ ONLY file. This, of course, would negate the purpose of the emailing--which is to solicit vetting commentary, edits, additions, changes from those who attended the meetings.
    I have NO IDEA what is going on or how to fix it!???
    Help is most appreciated.
    BTW, I did forward the exact original minutes to two others at my office (not on my team) and they received them with tracking changes on and WERE able to edit fine...

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    Re: Read Only issue (Word '03)

    I think the boxes at the bottom of File>Properties>General reflect the status of the document where it currently resides. If the boss saves the message to My Documents or another editable location, she should have total control over whether it is read-only at the OS level.

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