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    Brian Ludmer

    Can't Access Certain Websites (5.5 SR1)

    I have trouble loading certain websites using IE 5.5 on my PIII 500 system. Microsoft tech support has been unable to determine why. An example of a site that doesn't load is The Toronto Stock Exchange site; another is the BusinessWeek site.

    The browser works perfectly in almost all cases, but can never access certain sites.

    I would be grateful for any suggestions.

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    Re: Can't Access Certain Websites (5.5 SR1)

    What is happening when you access these sites?

    Any number of things could be causing this, giving the error will help us pin it down.. <img src=/S/wink.gif border=0 alt=wink width=15 height=15>

    <IMG SRC=>
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    Re: Can't Access Certain Websites (5.5 SR1)

    As DrkRealm said, there are many possible causes for your symptoms. But the most common cause I've seen have been web accelerators that create a local HOSTS file. If you're are using such add-on software, check the program documentation for how to refresh the local record. For addresses included in this text file, remote DNS services are bypassed, and the stored IP is used instead. If an IP for any often-accessed sites change, the HOST entry will then cause a DNS error.

    Alternately, you can disable a line in the HOSTS file by editing it in Notepad, and inserting a "#" at the beginning of the line. Norton AntiVirus adds POP3 proxies to enable e-mail scanning in this file, which you should not tamper with.


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