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    A query quandry in calculation rates (2000)

    In a query, I use the rate function to compute that rate of change of industrial accident by industrial sector. The query has the industrial sector ant the accident number for that sector between the 1998, and 2003. The expression is rate change:=rate(5;0;[1998];[2003];0) For usual rates the query works find, but if there an exceptional high change as in the case where 1998 = 3 and 2003=470. a computational error is generated. I tried testing the performance of this rate fuction with Excel. Using the same parameters., the highest value that I could get a computation was around 450. This error causes the report attached to this query to crash. Therefore, what can I do to get around an incalculable rate?

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    Re: A query quandry in calculation rates (2000)

    See my reply to <post:=571,790>post 571,790</post:>: try supplying a guess, e.g. 200%.

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