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    Word toolbars (WinXP pro/ O2003 UK)


    Have observed an oddity an would like to know if others have similar experiences or are able to elaborate on the matter...

    I've created a set of templates with a commandbar of their own.
    The commandbar is launched from a separate "master" template placed at Words "Startup" path. In this way it becomes accessible from all of the templates.
    Normally it works fine, but I think I've noticed that...

    ...if the user has Word as editor in Outlook and outlook always is launched first, then word will initially run as a hidden background process (it can be seen in task manager under processes, where a Winword.exe is active though Word is closed.)

    Subsequently, when the user then starts Word it causes Word to not launch my custom toolbar from Startup as Word apparently sees the toolbar as already launched once.

    We tried to turn the Outlook Word feature off and this seems to solve the problem.

    Can anyone confirm or elaborate on this observation or...
    would you know of potential workarounds that can solve this problem.

    All thoughts are as always more than welcome and highly appreciated...


    PS: Wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. There's a knob called "brightness," but that doesn't work

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    Re: Word toolbars (WinXP pro/ O2003 UK)

    Using Word as mail editor in Outlook causes lots of problems, so it is a good idea to turn it off anyway.

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