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    Word Field - number format (2003)

    Is there a way to have Word automatically round up a number that's entered in a form field? I see that I can make a custom number format, but it doesn't seem to work the same was as Excel. In Excel, I set the format to #,###.# and if I enter 25.59 in the cell, it displays 25.6, which is what I want Word to do. Any suggestions? By the way, this is a document and we are using the form fields toolbar.

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    Re: Word Field - number format (2003)

    Word is not very good at formatting form fields. If you really need numbers to be rounded correctly, I wouldn't use form fields. Macropod's star post <!post=Word Field Maths (1.11),365442>Word Field Maths (1.11)<!/post> may help.

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