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    Send Report with Snapshotviewer - naming the file (Access 2003)

    I want to email reports to people who do not have Access. I do this using SNapshot Viewer. I do this by opening the report and chosing file send to - Mail Recipient as Attachment and Chose Snapshot Format. All well and good, however, it names every file list.snp and I want to send more than one file in the email.

    1. How do I chose the name of the file
    2. How do I put more than one file in to an email (without the obvious copying from the message it creates
    and pasting to my computer and renaming and collecting them to put into one email)


    Ok - I just figured out part one - It is the Caption of the Report that creates the name. Nothing like asking a question to make yourself think. Still stuck on number 2 though.

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    Re: Send Report with Snapshotviewer - naming the file (Access 2003)

    Access doesn't provide a way to add more than one attachment to an e-mail. If you use Outlook, you can use Automation to control Outlook from Access using VBA code. If you do a search for Attachments.Add in this forum, you'll find examples.

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