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    Send To adds extra attachments (2000 sp1)

    When I use the Send To to send the word document the recipient sees 2 extra attachments; editdata.mso and header.htm. I can't find any references to these in the MS knowledgebase. Can anybody help so that I can stop these attachments being sent as they are confusing everybody I send mail to. It seems to occur when I send them to people using outlook 98, 97.

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    Re: Send To adds extra attachments (2000 sp1)

    Just a couple of blind stabs:

    Is the document a .doc file or an .htm file? If it's a .doc file, was it originally converted from an .htm file?

    What format do you have set as default for your e-mails (i.e. RichText, HTML, Plain Text)?


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    Re: Send To adds extra attachments (2000 sp1)

    Hi TonyM,

    Header.htm is usually attached when you have information in the Header/Footer, and editdata.mso stores VBA or OLE information when you save as HTML.

    As Gary asked, what type of file are you sending?
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    Re: Send To adds extra attachments (2000 sp1)

    The document does have a footer and probably has some VBA or OLE info as I think it was originaly a Memo file. The problem does not occur between 2 outlook 2000 users or 2 Outlook 98 users or if an Outlook 98 user sends the document to an Outlook 2000 user. Is there any way to turn off the sending of these attachments.

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