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    Show only values of summed column (Access 2000)

    I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm trying to put together a crosstab table that came together rather easily. However, the next step I want to take is to only show certain values in the cross tab. For example, if I create the following cross tab:

    XXXXXXXX Customer 1 Customer 2
    Account 1 120 0
    Account 2 100 120
    Account 3 0 150

    using the summation option for each value, then how do I only show those values that equal 0.

    I hope someone can help.
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    Re: Show only values of summed column (Access 2000)

    It's a little hard to read your example, but it looks like the first and third record are the ones you want to display. Is that right or do you only want to show the zero values and suppress the columns that have actual values in that record? In either case, you may have to post the SQL for your crosstab query to provide enough information for a useful answer.

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    Re: Show only values of summed column (Access 2000)

    Apologies for the ambiguity. I did manage however to get through the problem by posting the data to another table. So thanks for your help.

    Let me ask another question though. Inside Access Reports, can you show only entries that match a specific value. For example, I have a cross tab table with products across the top and customers down the side. What I want to do is generate a report to show only the customers and products where the value is 100, for example. So the crosstab query might produce:

    Store----Product 1---Product 2---Product 3
    Cust 1-----100-----------120------------130
    Cust 2-----500-----------300------------100

    And what I want the report to show is:
    Cust 1
    ---Product 1--------------------100
    Cust 2
    ---Product 3--------------------100

    I hope this is a little easier to understand.

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