Hi everyone. I have a Lexmark printer with an envelope feeder that contains DL size envelopes. It also has a multi purpose tray that we can print A4 size envelopes out of (set via custom size).

I have written a macro to print to either one or the other of the trays. The problem I am having is that the size and positioning of the delivery address, even when deliberately set in the macro, doesn't seem to take effect. It appears that Word remembers the last settings used and the macro settings are ignored.

I've tried this with two separate printers as well, and not a macro. Selecting one printer and setting the envelope options to DL and delivery address position to Auto. Then selecting the other printer and setting the envelope options to Custom size (A4) and modifying the delivery address position to 12 cms from top and left. (Theoretically) this should mean that if I have selected the first printer and go to Tools ... Envelopes and Labels I see the preview for the settings and can simply send my envelope. When I switch printers, I (should) see the envelope settings for that printer - however theory and "should" aren't working here. I simply get the previous settings.

I've tried adding the envelope to the document - it still remembers the settings from the previous envelope printing job.

I feel like I'm chasing my tail (quite common with printers I think), so any ideas would be appreciated.