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    lock file error (2003)

    This is version 2003 Access but creating files with 2000 format.

    I'm not sure if the following problem is an Access problem that can be resolved or if the problem is coming from ADS.:

    We have a directory folder that UserGroup1 has read/write access; UserGroup2 has ReadOnly Access

    If someone in UserGroup1 opens the database first, UserGroup2 gets a "cannot create lock file" error when they try and open the database

    If someone in UserGroup2 opens the database first, they get the read-only message, which is correct, but when UserGroup1 opens the database they get "read only" access to the database also (instead of read/write).

    The table of data is linked to a SQL backend which does have a timestamp field in it.

    Does anyone have any idea what we can do to fix this problem? The only thing I can think of is to give everyone read/write access at the directory folder level and then use a Workgroup file to create security for 2 user groups on the database itself.

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    Re: lock file error (2003)

    Access requires that all users have full permissions at the file/directory level - if some users have only read permission at the file/directory level, you'll get the behavior you describe. You'll have to assign user-level permission using a workgroup file.

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