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    A special query (Access 2000)

    I need to make a query that shows only one result, even though the results may be more.For example, one client may have received several offers, but i want to show the client only once, meaning that that client has been given an offer, regardless once or thrice.Can i do that? In my example client Number 1 has been received the offer three times. Can i make the query show the client 1 only once and not three times?

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    Re: A special query (Access 2000)

    Two possible solutions:

    1) Open the query in design view.
    Click in an empty part of the upper half of the query window.
    Activate the Properties window (View | Properties, or click the Properties button on the toolbar).
    Set the Unique Values property to Yes.


    2) Open the query in design view.
    Select View | Totals or click the Totals button on the toolbar (the button with the Greek capital Sigma).

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