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    Can't Print! (OE5.5)

    I look after a small network of computers and used to experience problems printing from OE5. We upgraded to OE5.5 and this cured the problem, but recently a couple of machines will now not print (different machines to the previous ones).
    On either clicking File,Print or clicking the Print button on the toolbar, nothing happens - we don't even get a dialogue box.
    We are printing to HP Laserjet 4s on JetDirect cards and everything else prints ok - it's just OE that causes problems.
    I have run the repair IE5.5 & OE5.5 option, and even tried re-installing over the top but have had no success. The problem only appears to have appeared after Office 97 was installed on one of the machines.
    If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful!

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    Re: Can't Print! (OE5.5)

    I could only find a couple of KB articles that may apply:
    Q256898 Default Printer for Internet Explorer or Outlook Express May Be Incorrect
    If neither apply, can you post details of your OS and network?

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    Re: Can't Print! (OE5.5)

    We are running Windows 98SE on the client pcs and Windows NT4 (SP4 I think)

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