I'm a freelance art director who has created over a hundred .emf vector files for placement in a 100 slide PowerPoint presentation. (PowerPoint 98 running on Windows98 laptop)

It seems that with all the graphics in place the laptops that are have only 64megs of ram cannot display the whole slide presentation, after a certain point the placed .emf files grayout or have a red x on them.

Laptops that have 128megs of memory run the slide presentation just fine.

Even splitting up the presentation into smaller chunks doesn't seem to solve the problem for the 64meg machines.

This slide presentation will be shipped out to laptops all over the world and the client is reluctatant to impose a memory requirement. They say that they have prepared 100 slide presentations before using 72 dpi bitmap files and haven't have this "out of memory" problem.

I created .emf files so that the client would be able to scale the images freely and so that the images would print well (they use printouts of the slides as handouts).

The .emf files are small in size, most being 12k some 24 to 36k. The are a couple that are 1meg (more complicated drawings.) And there is one .emf file that is 8megs (a rendered 3D drawing).

The client's head IT person say that even though the .emf files are small in size, PowerPoint may need more ram to process and display the files than bitmap files would need.

I could export all of the .emf files into a bitmap format but then the client will have to recreate the slide presentation (which will
*not* make them happy client <g>). And because they have resized some of the .emf files, I will have to try and match the scale *before* I export to a bitmap format. Lots of extra time and money.

Has anyone had the same sort of problem? Is there a fix?

Thanks in advance for any advice!