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    Opposite of Predecessor (Project 03)

    Another basic question. We have the Predecessor column in the Gaant Chart. Want to add the opposite time flow: the dependent column, or whatever you call that.

    Also: we're having trouble keeping the date flow of our related tasks consecutive. The problem is when we change a start date on the predecessor task after both tasks were created, it disconnects the finish to start flow of the dependent task and the dates are then displayed manually.

    Can anyone elaborate for float, lag and lead time?

    Thanks for the tutorial,

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    Re: Opposite of Predecessor (Project 03)


    To display the opposite of a Predecessor right click the column heading of any table and select Insert Column. Select Successors from the field list. The new added column will be to the left of the selected column.

    Lag time creates a gap between the finish of a Predecessor Task and the start of a Successor task in a dependency relationship. To create a positive number in the lag column in if you are using the Predecessors tab of the Resource Information dialog box. Personally I prefer to use a task without any resources assigned as a placeholder in the alternative of a lag.

    A lead (more often called negative lag) creates an overlap between a Predecessor task and a Successor task. If you have Task 1 as a four day task in a finish to start dependency with Task 2 a 5 day task with 2 days negative lag this means 2 days before the end of Task 1, Task 2 will begin creating 2 days of concurrency. a lead is created by using a negative number in the Lag column of the predecessors tab of the Task Information dialog box.

    Not sure I understand the rest of your question. If you post a small piece of your plan and provide me with a little more explanation I will take a look. To add a Project file to the Lounge I think you have to zip it.

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