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    Saving a format cell custom setting (Excel 2003)

    Is there a save command / option anywhere in Excel that saves the custom format entry. For example, an internet based system my employer now uses in the course of our business allows me to upload account code details in a csv format, as we modify / add account codes to that system, the saved file stored locally loses the custom format and we have to re format the cell with the custom formula to re upload any amendments. <img src=/S/confused3.gif border=0 alt=confused3 width=45 height=45> Hope someone out there can help. its driving us nuts!

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    Re: Saving a format cell custom setting (Excel 2003)

    A .csv file is a plain text file, not a real Excel workbook. Plain text files do not store formatting information or formulas.

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    Re: Saving a format cell custom setting (Excel 2003)

    Hi Tony
    Welcome to the Lounge.
    It appears to me that you are modifying the csv file to your presentation needs and replacing that file with each new version of the csv data. One alternative approach would be to create a Master workbook with a worksheet containing the parsed csv data, and another sheet that is formatted in the manner you want, which refers to the parsed csv data.
    On receipt of new data:
    1. <LI>Open the new csv file
      <LI>Ensure that it is parsed in the same manner as your csv data in your Master workbook
      <LI>Copy the entire worksheet
      <LI>Select the entire csv worksheet in your Master workbook
      <LI>From the menu bar Pull down Edit | Paste Special
      <LI>Select Values
      <LI>Click OK

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