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    Why is Outlook so Finiky (OL 2003)

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    OK why is Outlook doing this, and must I do something drastic to change it? See enclosed image...

    Each time Outlook download a message it gives me a Sys Tray "task bar" icon <img src=/S/aflame.gif border=0 alt=aflame width=16 height=16>?

    Suddently I have no space on the task bar, and all my windows get stacked. Some times if I run the mouse pointer over some of these icons, they go away, but not all the time.

    Help Please

    <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20> in the <img src=/S/bagged.gif border=0 alt=bagged width=22 height=22>

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    Re: Why is Outlook so Finiky (OL 2003)

    I think those icons are put up by Norton Antivirus when it scans a message, not by Outlook itself. If you get many icons, you must be receiving or sending many e-mails, or there is something wrong with NAV. Make sure that you are not sending out spam.
    You can turn off the icons altogether in the Advanced Email Options in Norton Antivirus.

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    Re: Why is Outlook so Finiky (OL 2003)

    And I've just begun to experience McAfee's equivalent email behavior, since purchasing a new Dull laptop. The MOST annoying is when I get into a back-&-forth email dialog with someone using the same subject heading, text only with no attachments, and McAfee has the audacity to pop up a dialog warning that "this might be a worm"! I'm thinking, "no, worms are smarter than you". If there's a way to get rid of this I haven't found it, and I need to visit the McAfee website.

    Sorry about the rant.
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