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    xlquery.xla and Excel97 (Excel 97 SR-2)

    When I load a complex Excel workbook that we've been working on for some months by clicking on the workbook, I'm asked twice by Excel whether I want to enable macros. Before distributing this workbook to the company we want to eliminate the 2nd request to enable macros.

    After loading the workbook that way I find a reference to XLQUERY.XLA in Project Explorer. However no add-ins are checked in the add-ins window. If I rename the file XLQUERY.XLA and then starting Excel by doubleclicking on the workbook, I get a message about not being able to find XLQUERY.XLA .

    If I first start Excel and then load my workbook from the Open dialog box, Excel asks just once whether I want to enable macros.

    Any idea on how to eliminate the two requests to enable macros?

    Harvey P. Morgan

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    Re: xlquery.xla and Excel97 (Excel 97 SR-2)

    Is it just you who has this problem, or does it occur on other machines? If it's just you, it may be a setup problem on your machine.

    If it's everybody, then have you looked under Tools>References in the Visual Basic Editor. Is xlquery.xla listed under there? If so, why and do you need it?

    Questions, questions, questions.


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