Version 4.42 of the <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> 7-ZIP archive manager has been released. Get it at 7-ZIP Files. Here's the release information from the product history.txt file:

Version 4.42 2006-05-14
- Compressing speed and Memory requirements were increased.
Default dictionary size was increased: Fastest: 64 KB, Fast: 1 MB,
Normal: 4 MB, Max: 16 MB, Ultra: 64 MB.
- BZip2 compressing / decompressing now can work in multi-threading mode
- Multi-threading mode now is default for multi-processor systems
- 64-bit version now supports 1 GB dictionary
- 7z/LZMA now can use only these match finders: HC4, BT2, BT3, BT4
- Compression ratio in Zip/GZip/Deflate in Ultra mode was increased
- 7-Zip now can unpack ISO archives and some installers created by NSIS
- Optional "Flat View" mode in 7-Zip File Manager
- 7-Zip File Manager now can calculate CRC checksums for files
- -x switch with relative paths now affects files specified with absolute paths
- New switch for 7za.exe (console version): -slt.
"l" (list) command with -slt shows technical information for archive.
- New switch: -scs{WIN|DOS|UTF-8} specifies charset for list files.
Default charset for list files is UTF-8 now.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localizations: Albanian, Kurdish