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    Outlook 98 Hyperlinks (Outlook 98)

    When typing a url or local network address in Outlook, it automatically creates a link. I can find no way to change the link, or remove it. Also, when I type a network path that has a space in it, Outlook only links it up to the space, and ignores text after that. Again, I can find no way to edit the link, or to add rest of the link after the space. Any ideas?

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    Re: Outlook 98 Hyperlinks (Outlook 98)

    To amend a hyperlink, position the cursor beyond the link and use the left arrow key to backspace into the hyperlink. You can then change the text. Just don't try positioning the cursor by clicking with the mouse!
    I always use the file notation to create a link. This is file://"pathname" (obviously without the quotes round the path name)
    You can get round spaces in the file name by adding <> around the whole construct, as in <file://"path name with spaces">
    There is a good section in the Outlook help - type hyperlink in the entry field of the Index tab and then choose Protocols you can type to create hyperlinks
    I can't find any way of deleting a hyperlink (or something that Outlook wishes to treat as a hyperlink)!

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    Re: Outlook 98 Hyperlinks (Outlook 98)

    That's a good tip on the <brackets>. What I've been doing is tediously typing % 20 (without the space) in place of the spaces. That works, but it's pretty unreadable.

    To avoid having a network address turned into a link, omit the before the server name, or put a space after the . Does this mean some people will be confused? Sadly, yes, but you can't have it all. <img src=/S/wink.gif border=0 alt=wink width=15 height=15>

    As for URLs, if they start with http:// or www., OL seems to recognize them automatically. I don't see a workaround there.

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