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    Font size increasing in fwd (Outlook 2000 sp3)

    Recently, outlook has begun increasing the font size in a forwarded email - Mrs. A sends email to Mr. B and when Mr. B replies, the original text (Mrs. A's email) has increased in size - by a lot. With each successive reply/forward, the text size increases again and again. The email was (I believe) written in outlook, using HTML formatting, and received in outlook. When the email is then forwarded to a regular browser (Aol/ie) the large fonts remain large, as well.

    Any Ideas why this could be happening, or what I can do to fix it?

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    Re: Font size increasing in fwd (Outlook 2000 sp3)

    This could be related to a particular style setting in the stationery used for the message. In some cases, earlier messages shown in a reply or forwarded message are surrounded with <BLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE> tags. If the style settings in the message specify that this element should have a larger font than standard, then that might explain the problem. Try using different stationery (or a blank HTML message to start) and see whether the problem goes away.

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