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    AccessVBA error 429 (A2K)

    Well, I have received the dreaded

    Error 429: ActiveX component can't create object.

    MSDN says "The error is typically seen on certain computers but not others." and goes on to give a lengthy list of 'troubleshooting tips'.

    In my case the code works on one machine but not another. The one that fails originally was missing the reference to the 'Microsoft ADO Ext.2.5 for DDL and Security'. I put the appropriate dll in the correct directory and the References appears to be satisfied.

    I know the line causing the error involves a connection and the only difference I have found between the two machines is that the connection.version property is 2.1 on the one that fails and 2.5 on the one that works.

    Is there some other step required to "register" a reference beyond just putting it in the right directory? It *does* appear in the references list and I have recompiled.


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    Re: AccessVBA error 429 (A2K)

    From main menu bar in Access, select Tools | ActiveX controls. There is a register button there.
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