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Thread: Charting (2002)

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    Charting (2002)

    Good Day Loungers.

    I'd like to put this in CHART that shows when activities are due to be complete. I'd like Date to be depicted on X axis. I'd like to be able to show when systems are open for updates and when updates are due.

    Can this be done in a chart in Excel?

    Open Date Due Date Projects System
    5/17/06 8:00 6/2/06 17:00 Labor Schedules Planview
    5/17/06 8:00 6/2/06 17:00 LE Version (Other spend) Planview
    5/17/06 8:00 6/2/06 17:00 Projects not in Planview IT Sharepoint

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    Re: Charting (2002)

    You could calculate the duration and create a stacked bar chart with the Open Date and Duration as series. Then make the Open Date series transparent.

    See attached version (I changed the dates a bit to provide a bit of variation)

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