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    Email Word form as an attachment automatically (MS Word 2003)

    We have a protected Word form.

    We need to send the form as an attachment, to an email address which is in the document text, automatically.

    I created a macro to copy the email address that is in the document, and then run the File- Send To - as attachment command. There are a couple of problems with the macro:
    1) When the email is opened, the user needs to click paste, to put the email address on the TO line. This isn't acceptable for the number of users of the form.
    2) I have the macro execute when the last input field is exited. The last field is a comments field and may or may not be entered and exited by the user.
    3) If the email address is moved to a different location in the document, the copy of it won't be correct

    Is there any way to automatically plug the TO line in the email from within the macro. I am familiar with VBA code, but haven't found anything through help yet.
    Since the form is protected, you can't just run the macro. Is there another idea of how I can automatically initiate the macro? Any other better ideas for any of this?

    Thanks! Patty

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    Re: Email Word form as an attachment automatically (MS Word 2003)

    The SendMail method in Word doesn't provide any way to specify the recipient. See Send an email from Word on the Word MVP site for two alternatives.

    You could provide a custom toolbar button to let the user run the macro.

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