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    IIF() in criteria of query (XP/03)

    I must not be searching correctly, because based on what I found the following scenario should work, but doesn't.

    I am running a query where I use an IIF in the criteria line.
    SELECT myTable.pkey, myTable.CaseNum, myTable.OccurDate
    FROM myTable INNER JOIN sqMonthOccur ON myTable.pkey = sqMonthOcur.pkey
    WHERE (((myTable.OccurDate)=IIf(Month([Forms]![frm_myForm]![EndDate]) > 7,([myTable].[OccurDate])>#1/1/2004#,([myTable].[OccurDate])>#1/1/2005#)))
    ORDER BY myTable.OccurDate;

    If I take the criteria out, I get ALL records, as expected. But with the above WHERE I get no records returned. Is there something wrong with my Access, my query, or my mind?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: IIF() in criteria of query (XP/03)

    The criteria are not correct. As an example, let's assume that EndDate is 8/1/2006. The month is > 7, so the IIf function returns the value-if-true argument


    This is a boolean expression that evaluates either to True = -1 or to False = 0. So the criteria works out to

    WHERE myTable.OccurDate=-1 (or 0)

    Clearly, there will be no records satisfying this condition. Instead, try

    WHERE myTable.OccurDate > IIf(Month([Forms]![frm_myForm]![EndDate]) > 7, #1/1/2004#, #1/1/2005#)

    For the above example, this works out to

    WHERE myTable.OccurDate > #1/1/2004#

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    Re: IIF() in criteria of query (XP/03)

    I do not think your expression is correct.

    Try putting this expression into a new calculated field and see what type of data it returns.

    newfield: IIf(Month([Forms]![frm_myForm]![EndDate]) > 7,([myTable].[OccurDate])>#1/1/2004#,([myTable].[OccurDate])>#1/1/2005#)

    You are asking the query to return records where myTable.OccurDate is equal to the above expression. Does the above expression actually return dates?

    It looks to me like that expression will return either true or false.

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