Hi Folks,

Thanks for the advice, I found this advice elsewhere which may be of interest to anyone trying to do the same as me,although I haven't tried either piece of software as yet:

Bummer, they deleted my original posting - but I'll go through it again for you guys...
EasySync changes the databases inside your PDA so that no other conduit software can recognize them. There's only 1 solution:

1. Hotsync so all data is backed up on your computer
2. Uninstall EasySync
3. Buy Intellisync from pumatech and install it (it's the only software that's truly compatible w/ Lotus Notes)
4. Install Intellisync
5. Perform a hard reset on your Visor - either take out the batteries for several minutes - or push the reset button while turning on the power...
6. Perform a hotsync - w/ the selection "desktop overwrites palm"

It's a tough lesson to learn which is why I hoped to notify people before buying EasySync. Don't hold it against Handspring though, no PDA I know of comes w/ the conduit software for Lotus Notes. Intellisync will allow you to hotsync w/ all computers that you use and it's got some nifty features.

Good Luck!

Hope this is of use to someone.