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    Form Data/Label (2000/2003)

    I am trying to create a form that keeps track of several clients. I want to be able to keep track of all clients in one form/table instead of multiple tables varying on what type of client. I would like to have a list box with the varying types of clients that when selected will change the display of the form. For instance, say I have a client come in who only has to have will done I want to keep track when the initial consultation date, date of the will signed, date executed (Total three dates) but if a Criminal client comes in he will have several dates a (maximum of five is needed) How do i go about doing this?

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    Re: Form Data/Label (2000/2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    I would use the following tables:

    1) tblClients
    - ClientID (primary key)
    - ClientType
    - LastName
    - ...

    2) tblClientDates
    - ClientID
    - DateTypeID (primary key on the combination of ClientID and DateTypeID)
    - Date
    - ...

    3) tblClientTypes
    - ClientTypeID (primary key)
    - ClientType

    4) tblDateTypes
    - DateTypeID (primary key)
    - DateType

    5) tblClientDateTypes
    - ClientTypeID
    - DateTypeID (primary key on the combination of both fields)

    Use a main form based on tblClients, with (among others) a combo box to select the client type (it has tblClientTypes as row source)
    It has a continuous subform based on tblClientDates, linked to the main form on ClientID.
    The subform has a combo box to select the date type; its row source is a query or SQL string based on tblClientDateTypes and tblDateTypes that selects the DateTypeID values appropriate for the ClientTypeID of the client in the main form. This combo box must be requeried when the user moves to a different client and when the user selects a different client type.

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    Re: Form Data/Label (2000/2003)

    If a Client saw you last year for a Will comes back to see you later on a criminal matter, do you want the database to recognise that it is the same person?

    If so you need to separate the Client, from the Client Case. It is the case that has the type, not the client.

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