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    input makes records from configurator (2003)

    We are looking for an example of creating records from a prompt box, where selections depend on previous selections. Good way to prompt, good way to add record from Prompt selection, good way to insure compatibility issues are handled correctly, good way to handle changes after done..

    We have created an Orders database with a sub form for line items.
    Each line has a sequential line number, with fields for part number, description, UM, and price, provided from the unique PartNumber in tblParts.
    tblParts has many fields including PartType and ProductFamily. Expecting most filtering of combos to use combinations of these two values, probably some more may be needed..

    Manual entry works fine, no issues, except bad compatibility of choices, user created.
    Owner now wants to prompt data entry user because of configuration demands on order. Force correct choices, ID invalid choices.

    Envisioned is an input box will open on NewRecord, prompting user to select a part number from a combo box. The Parts in this combo will be filtered by some other fields selected on Order form
    When that part number is selected, a record will be added to the Line Items subform, Subtotals will be updated on LineItems subform and Order parent form, and a new input box will come up.
    The input box will come up again, but the combo box for Part Number will be filtered somewhat based on the PartNumber(s) already selected.
    This cycle will repeat until all items are chosen for the order. May be up to 20 selections, Most after the first four or five will probably not have changing filters.
    Will probably have a check box on prompt form for last item ID to stop input box when done.

    Can someone point me to an example, or provide some sample code to do this?


    We are also concerned about previous items being deleted, which could invalidate choices that had been made subsequent to the earlier choice.
    How to prevent deletion, or better, how to remove choices based on that choice and start the prompts again.

    Example, choosing a computer:
    1. Select Product Family from a list
    2. Select a CPU speed (filtered by Product Family)
    3 Select amount of RAM (Filtered by Product Family)
    4. Select Hard Drive Interface
    5. Select Hard Drive Size (filtered by Product Family and HD Interface)
    6. Select Cable length (filtered by HD Interface)
    7. Select Software Package (not filtered)
    8. Select a Warranty/Support package (not filtered)
    9. Order choices are complete.

    Now if Item 4 is changed, then items 5 and 6 may no longer be valid, so if we confirm change of Item 4, then Items 5,6 need to be deleted, and user needs to be prompted again.
    It seems that we need some type of dependency tables. But not all orders are for similar products. Could order just a monitor, or a monitor and a video card and an extension cable. Maybe need a table of Prompt text when selecting specific PartTypes, like "Select a Hard Drive now"?
    So prompts can take various designs, need high flexibility. Monitor example would probably be OK to just prompt for Add Another Item? What Part Type?


    If this is too big for one thread, then I can make different threads for each topic, like AddRecord from Input Box, Deleting Selected Records, Order Configuration Controls. Please advise best way to handle this.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Re: input makes records from configurator (2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    In your situation, I would use the bound subform for display/printing purposes only, and use one or more unbound forms for entering and editing data - too much can go wrong if the user does that directly in the bound subform.
    You'll have to work out the dependencies between line items in detail. Make a flow chart. Much of this can probably be stored in tables, but perhaps some of it can only be done in code. You'll have to use code extensively anyway to steer the user through the decision process.

    I don't know whether examples of what you want are freely available - I suspect most such databases are highly proprietary.

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    Re: input makes records from configurator (2003)

    Thank you for your suggestions and your warnings.
    I understand that existing code may be proprietary, and am willing to force my way through a process.

    So I will break this down into separate tasks and pick away at it.
    I will start a new thread for the first part of the process, adding a new record to a subform from an input box.

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