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    Windows Firewall does not automatically turn on (XP pro)

    I would like to know how to make my windows firewall automatically enable when I turn my computer on. Currently I must manually enable it
    each time I start my computer. I'm not sure but I think that at one time it was automatic but I must have changed something when messing around with it.

    I am running (taken from Belarc Advisor report):

    Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)

    All required security hotfixes (using the 04/11/2006 Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary) have been installed.

    Each time I turn the computer on, I get the little bubble from Windows security telling me the firewall is not turned on. Then I click the bubble and it opens the security center where I turn on the firewall.

    I have tried bypassing that and turning the firewall on through the control panel, AND I have verified that it is set to "automatic" in services.msc but it simply does not start up automatically - despite the services setting.

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    Re: Windows Firewall does not automatically turn on (XP pro)

    Many (and probably most) Loungers would recommend a third party firewall that will protect both inbound and outbound traffic. The Windows Firewall protects inbound only. If you get infected by something that wants to phone home the Windows Firewall will not stop it. There are numerous third party firewalls available. Two of the more popular that have <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> for personal use versions are Zone Labs: Home/Office Products and Free Firewall Download - Replaces Sygate. If you insist on using the Windows Firewall check that it is enabled by going to Control Panel | Security Center | Windows Firewall (link at the bottom).


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