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Thread: Compile Error

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    Compile Error

    [img]/w3timages/icons/spook.gif[/img] I have not idea what happened. I have been upgrading software and I believe the problem occurred when I upgrade my Visual Basic to the newest version.
    The problem I am encountering is that any time I go to print any document from Word 2000 it get the following error message "Compile error in hidden module EFuntion."
    Does anyone know what is happening and how to correct this.

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    Re: Compile Error

    This same error message was reported twice in the Word forum in the past week.
    In both cases it appeared to be caused by an app called EStamp - did you by any chance install this recently?

    For more info look at this thread.

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    Re: Compile Error

    Thanks for the information. The good news is that you are right. When I remove EStamp it left two macros in Word; "EditStampProperty" and EStampHelp. The bad news is that when I attempted to delete these macros using the Word macro editor, I was not able to do so. Is there any other way to delete a macro in Word. I can use Word by typing winword.exe /a from the run command, but as you know no other macros will load with it.
    By the way EStamp is an internet postage company that abandoned service to the individual consumer to concentrate as a carrier service for businesses. I hope EStamp has as much success in their future venture, as I am having removing their software.

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    Re: Compile Error

    Thanks for your advise. After the information you gave me and the lead to the other posts. I was able to locate a document called in the Office start up folder. I was able to delete that file, and Word is back to normal. If normal is any way to discribe Word.

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