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    Bookmarking (Word 2003 SP2)

    Is there a best way (easy) to type a phrase once and have it populate certain places in the same document?

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    Re: Bookmarking (Word 2003 SP2)

    You can use the REF field code.

    Let's say I type "Have a pleasant day." and then bookmark that entire phrase as pday.

    Elsewhere in the document I should be able to use Insert>Field..., select Ref and then choose pday from the list of bookmarks.

    Does it work? This sometimes can lead to some formatting issues; there are a variety of switches and solutions for those that others more experienced with REF fields can describe.

    If you need to provide an automated solution for others, then a form field or dialog that prompts for text might be a logical addition.

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    Re: Bookmarking (Word 2003 SP2)

    Select the phrase, then select Insert | Bookmark...
    Enter a name and click OK.
    Position the insertion point where you want to have the same text.
    Select Insert | Reference | Cross Reference...
    Select Bookmark in the dropdown list, then select the bookmark you just created.
    Make sure that "Bookmark Text" (or something similar) is selected in the second dropdown.
    You can specify whether the reference should act as a hyperlink.
    Click OK to create the cross reference.

    Note: a shorter method to create the cross reference is:
    - Press Ctrl+F9 to insert field brackets { } (you should *not* type the brackets yourself).
    - Type the name of the bookmark.
    - Press F9 to hide the field code and to update the result.

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