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    Overriding View Headers-Footers or protecting them (Word XP)


    I want to protect headers and footers from users by preventing access. (open to other suggestions)

    I would like to override the native Word command called by View -> Header and Footer or by double-clicking a header or footer. Does anyone know what that method is called?
    - Is there any way to trap a user activating a header or footer for editing (nothing in the help looks promising, but maybe I missed something)
    - Does anyone know a way to protect headers and footers or field codes?

    Is there a list anywhere of native Word or Office methods that can be overridden in macros?

    Why do I need this:

    For documents based on an "Engineering" template, the users are instructed to enter document information using a toolbar. The toolbar calls macros that display a form, save the information to custom properties, and then update field codes in the headers and footers and various places in the document. This is necessary for revision number validation and enforcement of some other company policies. The older engineers open the headers and footers and edit the information directly, trashing the headers, introducing inconsistency in the documents, and driving both the Legal and Technical Publications departments crazy. These engineers are too old to learn, to senior to fire, and too big to spank. Only option seems to be to tie their hands.

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    Re: Overriding View Headers-Footers or protecting them (Word XP)

    You can download a list of all commands from Word commands, and their descriptions, default shortcuts and menu assignments.

    You can hijack the View | Header and Footer menu option by creating a macro named ViewHeader. But the user could still double click an existing header or footer. And the user could disable macros when opening the document. So this doesn't seem a good way.

    If you protect at least one section in the document for forms, the headers and footers become inaccessible in the entire document. If you want to modify a header in code, the code can unprotect the document, do its thing, then reprotect the document.

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