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    Office 12 Public Beta (Office 12 beta)

    Go to get your copy of Office 12 Public Beta. You can download or have it snail mailed to you. You must pay the shipping charges.

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    Re: Office 12 Public Beta (Office 12 beta)

    For those of you unlucky enough (and I count myself in that number) to be stuck using Exchange 5.5 then Office/Outlook 2007 is not for you. With Office 2007 Beta 1 there was a registry hack that would allow it to work with Exchange 5.5. That registry hack does not work with Beta 2. Here's a quote from the latest Exchange Messaging Outlook Volume 11, Number 5 newsletter (not on the web site yet). You can subscribe at Exchange Messaging Outlook Newsletter.


    In a departure from past versions of Outlook and Exchange, where unsupported meant Microsoft would not assist you if you used them together and something didn't work but the products remained usable, Outlook 2007 Beta 2 will not work with Exchange 5.5. While there is the potential for many things to go wrong if you are using Outlook 2007 and Exchange 5.5, there is no reason to disable connectivity.

    At this time I'm not aware of any hack that will make the two work together as the registry hack needed for Beta 1 no longer works. This means if you use an Exchange 5.5 server, don't bother trying Beta 2, unless you plan to use IMAP or POP3 to access your mailbox. Keep in mind that IMAP and POP3 don't support Outlook's special folders and you wont be able to access to your calendar, tasks or contacts.

    Unless complaints cause a change of heart or someone figures out how to hack it, sites using Exchange 5.5 will need to upgrade to Exchange 2003 or 2007 in order to use Outlook 2007. While this isn't a bad thing - Exchange 5.5 lacks a lot of features and upgrading is well worth it and there is the potential for problems when you use Outlook 2007 against an Exchange 5.5 server, I'm not a fan of forced upgrades. There are legitimate reasons why a company has newer versions of Outlook but an ancient Exchange 5.5 server and judging from the number of complaints in just the first day and a half of availability, a lot of people want to use Outlook 2007 against their Exchange 5.5 server. "


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