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    Vlookup syntax problem (2002 SP2)

    I have 2 large data extracts that I work with. The first one has approx 12,000 rows of data and lists every single account. The account number is in column C
    The second extract has over 33,000 rows of data. It contains one line for every single payment made this financial year. The account number is also in column C
    There is a field in the first workbook that I would like to add to the second workbook, but I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to phrase my formula.
    I want the contents of column D from Wkbk1added to Workbook 2.
    The information is located on a sheet named Data.

    I've tried ^=VLOOKUP(C3,'[Wkbk1.xls]Data'!$A$1:$EN$12859,4,FALSE)

    Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong?


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    Re: Vlookup syntax problem (2002 SP2)

    VLOOKUP always searches for the lookup value in the first column of the range you supply, so in your formula, it searches in column A. You want it to search in column C instead, so you must change the range to $C$1:$EN$12859. The column containing the return value is the 2nd column of this range, so the formula becomes


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