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    On Entry (Access 2000)

    I know things like Private Sub Name_MouseDown(etc etc) or Private Sub Name_DblClk(etc etc), but what is the one for when you just simply enter or browse for a record? or am i barking up the wrong tree.

    I'd like for the background of the record being viewed tobe green, i.e. it's completed. Basically three fields all have to meet a criteria before the record goes green.

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    Re: On Entry (Access 2000)

    Is this in a single form or in a continuous form?

    If it is a single form, you can use the On Current event of the form, i.e. Private Sub Form_Current(). You can test the conditions and set the Back Color property of the Detail section.

    This won't work in a continuous form, however - if you set the Back Color of the detail section, it will affect all visible records. You could put a text box behind all other controls and use its Control Source and Format | Conditional Formatting to simulate setting a background color.
    There are other methods for highlighting records in a continuous form - see <post:=442,777>post 442,777</post:> and <post:=382,292>post 382,292</post:>.

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