Have any of you experienced this?

We have a user w/Outlook 2003 on Exchange Server. When she attempts to open a recurring meeting, she gets the standard question about opening this occurrence or opening the series. If she chooses "the series", it opens fine. If she chooses "open this occurrence" it flashes as if it is trying to open the form (it even moves the tabs over briefly on the taskbar like it is opening a new window), but the form/appointment does not ever come up. Just goes back to normal calendar view.

We have tried: deleting frmcache.dat off the machine and having it re-create. Running Office 2003 repair. Setting up new test appointments (same thing happens). Doesn't matter if she created the recurring appointment on the calendar or if someone else did. Nothing has seemed to find the fix yet.

She does run Franklin Covey planning software integrated into her Outlook, but this has been working fine even with that software, for many months, and this recurrence issue just now cropped up, so I don't think it's related to the 3-party software.

Can you think of anything I missed that I should try?